Welcome to Power Pets, the destination for Animals with Influence.

Pets make the world a happier place. For your next campaign or event, consider adding a furry friend or pal. You’ll be surprised at what they can do for you and your goals. 

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Power Pets

For many years pets have become our furbabies and beloved friendship pals.

Whether it’s a purring cat, a cute dog, a flock of sheep or a friendly deer – there’s no denying that pets have a positive impact on our lives as humans.

As pet lovers ourselves, we recognise this. Power Pets is all about sharing the positivity that animals bring to the world, and increasing their reach to help other organisations and events achieve their objectives. 

We believe in caring for all animals. So animal welfare is always a top priority for us as an ethical influencer agency. 

Power People

With every great animal, is a great human.

We understand what makes people different. We find great people in the world that can empower others to do incredible things.

We call it Power People, our influencer agency for talented individuals.


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