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BCN Media acquires Power Pets x Power People

BCN Media acquires Power Pets x Power People

BCN Media acquires Power Pets x Power People

BCN Media, owners of Saxton Speakers Bureau, has purchased influencer marketing agency, Power Pets x Power People

Media release: February 2019

BCN Media, owners of Saxton Speakers Bureau and Celebrity Speakers, has announced the acquisition of influencer marketing agency Power Pets x Power People.

Power Pets x Power People will join Saxton Speakers Bureau and Celebrity Speakers’ new influencer marketing arm, Saxton Engage.

Power Pets is the only agency operating in Australia representing animal talent in the influencer space and Power People represents micro-influencers, as opposed to ‘celebrity’ influencers, to drive powerful brand conversations in valuable and emerging markets.

Power Pets x Power People offers content co-creation and brand storytelling services via brand endorsement on Instagram, Facebook, blogs, YouTube and at live events.

Power Pets x Power People Director, Karan White, will move across with the business to take up a new role as General Manager of Influencer Marketing at Saxton Engage.

Saxton CEO Anne Jamieson says, “We are very excited to welcome Karan and Power Pets x Power People. This acquisition represents a great opportunity to build our capacity in this space. Influencer marketing has become a proven media category that has resulted in significant demand from brands to include this kind of talent – both animal and human – in their creative, advertising and PR campaigns.

“We want a share of this space. We want to welcome influencers into our family of speakers, and we want to harness the extraordinary power of these influencers to promote events that our clients are running. This is a huge win/win for us,” says Jamieson.

Power Pets x Power People’s Karan White says, “This a golden opportunity for the business. Becoming part of Saxton Engage will expose our influencers to new clients, all while creating a powerful new marketing channel for Saxton’s existing clients.”

For more information about Power Pets x Power People, visit  and

Saxton Engage is part of the BCN media group that also includes Saxton Speakers and Celebrity Speakers New Zealand.

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Anne Jamieson

Don’t Scrunch Your Nose, Get Nosy! Power Pets and Petbarn Talk About the Perfect Poo

Don’t Scrunch Your Nose, Get Nosy! Power Pets and Petbarn Talk About the Perfect Poo

Although our furry friends are a long way off from drinking kale smoothies and acai bowls after yoga, their health is still of vital importance. And, as the team at Petbarn have been educating us, the easiest way for the untrained eye to check the health of your pet is in their poo.

Not many people know how to assess the health of their pets in between trips to the vet, which is why Petbarn has teamed up with Power Pet Nathan the Beach Cat and Life of Jinkee to deliver an education on defecation.

Whether it’s the talk or smell, most people scrunch up their noses at the subject of poo. But, as Petbarn knows oh so well, poo holds the secret to your pet’s health and vitality. So, Nathan the Beach Cat has written a paw-some blog to help others ‘check it before you chuck it’! We’d give him a big thumbs up if he had any opposable thumbs.

Click through to Nathan the Beach Cat’s blog for keen advice developed with Petbarn to assess your cat’s litter tray, and what to do if you see anything out of the paw-dinary.

Your toilet training doesn’t stop there though. Life of Jinkee dropped some top notch advice on why Number Twos should be a number one priority. Speaking from experience, Jinkee knows that poo can be the first sign that something isn’t quite right on the inside.

How is it pawsable one little furbaby can hold so much wisdom?!

Thank you Petbarn, Nathan and Jinkee for letting us know, it’s our duty to be checking out our pet’s dookie!

If you’re keen to check out more than just poo, see Nathan’s profile, Jinkee’s Profile or contact us here.

Heat All Year Round? Catmantoo Appears in Firefighters Calendar.

Heat All Year Round? Catmantoo Appears in Firefighters Calendar.

Things are heating up here at Power Pets and it’s not just the weather. As avid supporters of rescues everywhere, Catmantoo is using their mega-fame to support the Australian Firefighters Calendar and fans are going wild.

Unless you haven’t been on the internet in the past few years, you would already know about the Australian Firefighter’s Calendar. The calendar features cute cats, and equally cute firemen! It’s not just fun and games though, the publication has raised over 3 million dollars for various charities since its establishment and this year might be their best work yet!

You may think that Firefighters just save cats from trees but they also try and save them from the streets! This is where Catmantoo comes in, they’re big advocates of the #adoptdontshop movement and have been featured on two of the months in the 2020 calendar!

Scoring a spot on the calendar is almost as rare as breaking a Guinness World Record…oh wait, they’ve done that too! With the Firemen appearing on The Steve Harvey Show, People USA and The Today Show, featuring in the calendar is kind of a big deal!

Not only did Bindi and Boomer lend their faces to the calendar, Catmantoo made a video showcasing the feature for their 1.5 million fans. Talk about bringing the heat!

With millions of cats in Australia left without forever homes, the Calendar is bringing awareness and support to the rescues of the country. A cause very close to the hearts of Catmantoo and Power Pets.

If there’s anything this has taught us, it’s that there is nothing like a pretty face and a good cause to put a smile on people faces. Oh, and the Firefighters too!

If you’d like to put Catmantoo’s paws to good use, make sure you contact us.

Paws for a Cause- Power Pets Support Pets of the Homeless at MDLS

Paws for a Cause- Power Pets Support Pets of the Homeless at MDLS

We hate to sound predictable but we will anyway! You can always rely on Power Pets to attend the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show, and this year was no exception. We had Pets coming from far and wide to put their paws to good use and they did not disappoint.

We love to support a good cause and what better charity to get behind than Pets of the Homeless Australia? Our good friend and Founder, Yvonne Hong ran a stall at this year’s show to raise funds for homeless humans and their furry friends. Since founding the charity in 2015, Yvonne and her team have helped countless people feed, vaccinate and, microchip their pets and that’s just the beginning of their amazing work.

Supplied by @pothaustralia

This year, Pets of the Homeless set up their stall with the hopes of raising a massive $10,000 across the three day event. That works out to be a barking lot of dog treats. With a goal that big, you need some star power on the job, so we pulled some strings and made it happen. Over the weekend, the stall had appearances from the superstar Squid the Griff and the Dynamic Duo, Hana and Gnocchi. Talk about celebrity!

Pets of the Homeless raised funds through selling merchandise, running a raffle and also with the help of Squid, Hana and Gnocchi. Hundreds of people turned up to see these fur babies and donate to the cause, which we are so proud of. Extra special shout out to Squid and his Hoomans who drove all the way from Adelaide to be there for the event. That’s what we love to see here at Power Pets, paws for a cause!


Now, we mentioned POTH had a whopping goal to reach and we are tickled pink to say they not only met the goal, but smashed it out of the dog park! This will go to help so many humans, dogs and everything in between, access resources they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.

Provided by @pothaustralia

Even though we reached this incredible goal, we still need you to dig deep in your paw-kets and donate whatever you can to Yvonne’s amazing charity. If you’d like to make a contribution to the charity click here, or if you’d like to find out more about Pets of the Homeless just click here.

If you’re looking for some superstar pets to make an appearance at your event, just reach out to us by visiting our contact page.

Power Pet Teaches Australia Tricks of the Trade: Catmantoo Appears Live on The Morning Show

Power Pet Teaches Australia Tricks of the Trade: Catmantoo Appears Live on The Morning Show

Sometimes we just have to admit to ourselves that a cat has more talent and success than us, and that’s okay. The Hooman behind the World’s Most Talented Cats made an appearance on The Morning Show so we could meet his feline friends Bindi and Didga. Lucky for us, he gave everyone a tip or two on how to train our own cats.

Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur from The Morning Show asked all the hard hitting questions. They spoke about how Robert trained his cats in preparation for breaking two Guinness World Records and the key differences between dogs and cats. This is probably the most impawtant TV you could watch since the Royal Wedding.  

Robert Dollwet was once a pet trainer to the stars of Hollywood, now his cats are stars! Since his Boomer and Didga became Guinness World Record holders, Robert has been yoinked from behind the camera to show off his training and the cat’s tricks.

All of Robert’s cats are rescues, including his two newest additions Bindi and Jeb. Bindi and Jeb were fosters before they became permanent fixtures in the family. He even refers to them as ‘foster failures’ meaning he just had to keep them! But really, how could you not adopt these pawfect little fur babies?

View this post on Instagram

Aliens must have done this. #cropcircle like 👽

A post shared by CATMANTOO (@catmantoo) on

Now, a lot of us may already have cats and you’re probably thinking this is your next career path, but we have some bad news for you. When asked by Kylie how he got the cats to perform all of their tricks Robert answered “you need to break things down into micro, micro baby steps and have a lot of patience”. Cats (although cute) are very hard to train and can sometimes have a bad cattitude. Sorry to put the paws on that dream!

You don’t need to give up hope just yet though, it’s still pawsable to achieve your cat-tastic dreams. Catmantoo has been kind enough to share some of his top tips while he was on the show, you can read the up on the interview and view the full video here.

Power Pet CATMANTOO made an appearance on The Morning Show yesterday and it didn't take long for Didga and Bindi to…

Posted by Power Pets on Wednesday, 19 June 2019

This really is the best TV you could get your eyes on, pinky pawmise!

If you’re loving the look of these furry friends and you’d like to but their paws to good use, get in touch with us by clicking here.

Power Pet Van Cat Meow Makes Pawthor Debut

Power Pet Van Cat Meow Makes Pawthor Debut

What began as the most meticulously planned mid-life crisis in history has become an internet sensation, capturing the hearts of almost 100k followers worldwide.

When Richard East decided to trade his mortgage-ridden life in suburbia for a life on wheels traveling around Australia, he knew he couldn’t do it alone. And so he took to the roads with his trusty companion – a rescue cat named Willow.

And now, the stories behind images that have broken the internet via their Instagram account have been told in a heartwarming book. This time, it’s about more than cute cat pictures and share-worthy funnies. What Richard and Willow share in this book is a kick-in-the-guts parcel of important life lessons on gratitude, presence and purpose.

So join Richard and Willow in their fully ‘kittied’ out van, and hit the road on a journey of self-discovery with Australia’s favourite twosome. Throughout its 144 pages, this book will have you tearing up and snort laughing all in the same breath, all while forcing you to reflect on what’s truly important in your life – and how to live better.

A lost man. A rescued cat. A road trip like no other. Order now.

If you’re interested in any of our Power Pets, reach out to us by clicking here.

Power Pets are Hungry for Hill’s

Power Pets are Hungry for Hill’s

We might all wish we could have a conversation with our pet, but every parent knows the language of a hungry fur-baby. From dogs wagging their tails to cats meowing at your leg as you bring out a new treat. But not all pet food is created equal, and we know how impawtant it is to feed your four-legged friend the right food!

Hill’s Pet has pawfected their dry and canned pet food to support a variety of health considerations, and everyone needs to know about it! Looking for a meowdel to show off their delicious dishes, Hill’s came to us and we put our paws to work.

Whether swimming or skating, you can always find Nathan the Beach Cat in the fast lane. She’s unforgettable and knows how to strike a pose to ca(pt)tivate her audience.

When Nathan went to pick up her Hill’s order she couldn’t get her paws on it fast enough. We’re almost certain she broke a skateboarding record or two on her way over! Watch out Tony Hawk, there’s a new supawstar skater in town.

We couldn’t let Nathan have all the fun though. Charlie and Frankie insisted on joining the pawty and putting their perfectly instagramable snoots to good use.

In order to keep those shoe-destroyers in good shape, Frankie likes a daily dose of Hill’s Oral Care. With that smile, she could charm her way through any dog park, and Hill’s agrees! That’s a ten out of ten from Frankie, both paws in the air!

We might not be able to speak to Nathan or Charlie and Frankie, but we’re sure they’re asking for another serving of Hill’s. Only the best for our Power Pets!

If you’re looking for a fur-baby that’s equal parts talent and good looks, why not contact us?

Power Pets Charm Pandora- The Launch of Pandora’s Pet Collection

Power Pets Charm Pandora- The Launch of Pandora’s Pet Collection

When it comes to being obsessed with your pets, where do you draw the line? If you answered “there isn’t one” then we absolutely agree! This month Power Pets partnered with Pandora to launch their brand new Pets Collection that was released just in time for Mother’s Day.

Now ‘Man’s Best Friend’ can be Man’s Best Accessory!

Image supplied by Pandora
Image supplied by Pandora

As Pandora released the cutest Bull Terrier charm you’ve ever seen, they had to get an equally adora-bull real life Bull Terrier such as Pumpernickel Jellyjiggle on board. Can you tell he was feeling extra cute next to his mini-me?

Our very own Jinkee, who has a love for jewellery (and other shiny objects), let everyone know she was ready for her close-up and paw-sed for some photos. We’ve been saying it for years and Pandora agrees, when it comes to her cuteness, the limit does not exist!

We may be biased but if you ask us, these pups definitely but their best paw forward and delivered some absolutely *charming* content. Get it?

If you’d like to make magic with our Power Pets, drop us a line by visiting our Contact page.

Power Pets x Captain Marvel: Cats in the Meowvies

Power Pets x Captain Marvel: Cats in the Meowvies

Feminism and felines in one film? Sign us up! When Captain Marvel announced they would have the appearance of the first cat in the Marvel franchise, we knew they needed us on board. Happily, we agreed. One of the many things we’re good at is getting people excited about cats! So Power Pets x Captain Marvel was a match made in heaven.

Nathan the Beach Cat has some especially super powers on Instagram and ~made waves~ when she was spotted in a Captain Marvel fighter jet. Who do you think gets to choose the music, Nathan or Winnie?

While they were zooming around in their jet they probably crossed paths with Scooter from House of Kittyliciousness. Turns out you don’t need opposable thumbs to drive one of those things….or maybe that’s why we only have pictures of them on the ground.

Did anyone catch Lulu and Finn goosing around in their custom jet? You see what we did there? Anyway, shout-out to Marvel who now have a role model for all of our fur friends to look up to.

One cat who’d like to use their powers for evil and not good is Princess Alaska Ragdoll (no surprises there). Cats these days, they’ll do anything for treats.

One great part about being in this campaign is that now our cats can flex on the ‘gram and show off their new rides. Milly and Mr Penny thought so at least.

We may have had a few crashes along the way, but overall we’d call this a success! And the biggest lesson we learnt was never underestimate your cat, they may have tentacles you don’t know about. (If you don’t get that, maybe head out and see the film).

Looking to get our pets powers on your side? Click here to find out how.

The Most Wonderfur Time of the Year: Power Pets Gift Guide

The Most Wonderfur Time of the Year: Power Pets Gift Guide

It’s November already and if you haven’t begun thinking about your Christmas shopping list then you’re about a month behind. No need to worry though, our Power Pets have you sorted for the quick and convenient presents you’re after.

Getting to the end of a year can be a bit scary but you’ll be wishing 2020 would come sooner once you get your hands on Van Cat Meow’s new calendar.

With every purchase of the calendar you get free greeting cards and if you use code MND, 100% of the proceeds from you purchase go towards finding a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. Oh, and did we mention it’s free world wide shipping?

Speaking of black cats, another must buy are Nathan and Winnie’s enamel pins. They’re cute, stylish and the perfect little gift!

Pin it here.

Who wouldn’t want to take home a mini Nathan and Winnie? Rhetorical question, we all do!

If your loved one is a bit more of a dog person then you can’t go past Rollo Shiba’s phone case. Not only is Rollo a #Furshion icon, he’s also the best gift giver you’ve ever met. And now you can be too!

Get your paws on Rollo’s case here.

Shop his phone case and you’ll win Christmas gift giving, not that it’s a competition or anything…

Next up on our Gift Guide is the House of Kittyliciousness space cat clock. This is perfect for the person who is always late to everything, or just anyone really.

The purrrfect gift is available here.

We’re sure we saw this in an issue of Architectural Digest recently. Anyone else?

Okay, back to the doggos for a sec. If you don’t get someone else a Squid the Griff Calendar then at least get it for yourself! Every month look forward to seeing his adorable Chewbacca looking face in different themed costumes.

Spooky Squid is available here.

If that’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen then you’re a liar.

If you’re looking for the perfect Kris Kringle gift, whether it’s for a colleague or your cousin, look no further than Mr Bigglesworth’s cartoon mug. It’s cute and has a positive message on it, winner!

Make it yours, click here.

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to start the day with a cup of coffee in this mug?

Last but not least, we have the King of Christmas, Kingsley on the list. Now, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere like us then Christmas is in the middle of summer and what do we all say- No hat, no play!

It’s only one click away.

So make sure you’re able to keep up with the best of them and get your own Sausage Dog Hat. It’s sun smart and cute! You know what, get two and keep one for yourself. You deserve it.

And that friends, brings our guide to a close. From family members to the boss you’d like to impress at work, there’s something for everyone here.

If you’d like to speak to us about a collaborations, contact us here.