Nathan the Beach Cat

Profile Information

  • Talent Type:   Cats
  • Talent:   Nathan and Winnie the Beach Cats
  • Power Talent:   Breaking Stereotypes 
  • Location:   Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Website:


Gender: Furmales | Paw: Cat | Power Talent: Breaking Stereotypes

As true modern day furmales, Nathan and Winnie the Beach Cats are making waves (pun totally intended) worldwide with their edgy feminist names, cool-girl approach to #blackisback and crushing the stereotypes of your mainstream housecat.

With enough Instagram followers to make you double-take, and regular appearances on global media sites – including being snapped by the pupparazzi at Pedestrian.TV – Nathan and Winnie are breaking the internet faster than Kim Kardashian can sign on for a new season.

Not only are Nathan and Winnie known for strutting their stuff on the beaches of Queensland, but they’re the newest (un)official Ambassador for #adoptdontshop. Fur-get your Friday the 13th cat superstitions, these girls are bringing awareness to just how cool adopting a black cat (or dog!) can be.

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