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  • Talent Type:   Cats
  • Talent:   Catmantoo
  • Power Talent:   World Record Stars
  • Location:   Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Website:


Gender: Bros & Sistas | Paw: Puddy Tat | Power Talent: World Record Stars

When your fur-father is a former Hollywood animal trainer, you’re destined to be a star! Boomer, Didga, Bindi and Jeb are the purrfect family, ticking off boxes that most cats can only dream of. With their very own merchandise, abundance of suppawting fans to multiple media appearances, this squad are giving a new name to #housecat. Not to mention and firery appearance in the Australian Firefighters 2020 Calendar.

With hundreds of thousands of Instagram fans, nearly as many YouTube subscribers, and a whopping 1 million+ Facebook followers, plus the title of Guinness World Record Holders under their belt, this fur-fam are landing gigs faster than Aussie celeb vet Dr Chris Brown can appear on another television show.

But don’t think these furry-friends stop there, Catmantoo use their fur-fame to share impawtant lessons on obedience and trick-training, spread the meow on #adoptdontshop, suppawt many charities and So. Much. Meow – oops, we mean more.

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