King Louis Lamb

Profile Information

  • Talent Type:   Other
  • Talent:   King Louis Lamb
  • Power Talent:   The Lamb Clan
  • Location:   Melbourne, Victoria


Gender: 5 bucks, a girl and a rescue place | Paw: Lamb | Power Talent: The Lamb Clan  

Bringing a whole new meaning to serving lamb at the dinner table, King Louis Lamb is proving to the world that you can indeed make friends with salad. From one orphaned little lamb to a whole lamb clan, these guys are crushing the stereotype of what it means to be a pet.

With thousands of followers on Instagram, bucking good pawtography and hilariously-fitting captions, King Louis Lamb will be knocking Aussie celeb chef Curtis Stone from the spring lambs campaigns before he can even say, “There’s no freshness like…”

But don’t think the lamb clan are all about showing off their rescued-life, they’re using their fur-fame (and their (un)official lambassador roles) to encourage the wider world that lambs are for lovin’ not the oven.

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