Power Pets Sponsor Valentine the Cow at Edgar’s Mission

Power Pets Sponsor Valentine the Cow at Edgar’s Mission

Power Pets have some moooving news to share –we’re officially sponsors of Valentine the Cow at Edgar’s Mission. Edgar’s Mission is a not-for-profit animal sanctuary working to create a happy, cruelty-free life for rescued farm animals, among their acreage near the Macedon Ranges.

Valentine arrived at Edgar’s Mission still in her Mum Clarabelle’s tummy. Clarabelle had been rescued and taken to the safe surrounds of Edgar’s after spending years on a dairy farm. Shattered and alone, every one of Clarabelle’s calves had been taken from her shortly after birth and, used to produce milk for human consumption.

Animals have the same maternal instincts as humans, so much like a human baby cries for its mother, animals yearn for that same connection. Sadly, the demand for human-grade meat and dairy means babies like Valentine are taken from their mothers just days after birth, leaving both cow and calf heartbroken.

Now happy and healthy at Edgar’s Mission, Clarabelle was able to give birth to Valentine safely, though she struggled to trust that her baby wouldn’t be taken from her as they had before. Keeping Valentine hidden away for several days, she eventually trusted that she was now safe, and allowed Valentine to roam freely around the sanctuary. To this day, Clarabelle and Valentine have an undeniably strong bond. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch Clarabelle washing and grooming the now fully-grown Valentine – her only baby not to be taken.

By sponsoring an animal at Edgar’s Mission, you become an official Best Friend. By joining the Best Friends program, you’re providing vital funds to keep the mission’s lifesaving, nurturing work going. From physically rescuing neglected, orphaned or poorly treated animals to upgrading their lifesaving facilities and resources, every cent you donate contributes to the welfare of Australian animals.

Power Pets is more than a pawsome community of the furry and famous. Sure, we love a viral doggy video just as much as the next pup, but our business is ethically built on a foundation of love, respect and care for animals. Our Founder has a long history of working with animals, from shelters around the world, to volunteering with animal welfare organisations in Australia.

If you love animals just as much as we do, find out how you can be a part of Edgar’s Mission and join the Best Friends program to make a difference. Too many animals suffer at the hands of human demand, so become a part of something amazing and sponsor an animal today.

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