Squid the Griff

Profile Information

  • Talent Type:   Dogs
  • Talent:   Squid and Pretzel the Griffs
  • Power Talent:   Real-Life Meme
  • Location:   Adelaide, South Australia
  • Website:   https://www.squidthegriff.com/


Gender: Dudes | Paw: Dog | Power Talent: Real-Life Memes

When you’re practically a real-life meme, your whole world becomes a 24/7 pawty! Squid the Griff and his new younger brother, Pretzel, are the two-of-a-kind, pupping hilarious Brussels Griffons using their seriously-cool looks and sassy personalities to keep you rolling on the floor laughing – with them, of course.

With fans growing by the thousands weekly, and feature-gigs on television, Squid and now Pretzel are shooting to waggish fur-fame faster than Adam Sandler can release a new comedy.

But these pee-wee pups doesn’t stop there, Squid and Pretzel are taking their wittiness to the web. Their blog shows that big things really do come in small packages and giving everyone a place to read their musings in long form – or get in on this pupular movement and join the #squidsquad.

If you’re interested in Squid and Pretzel, contact us.