Schmitt Happenss

Profile Information

  • Talent Type:   Dogs
  • Talent:   Schmitt Happenss
  • Power Talent:   Face-Fulla-Food
  • Location:   Ryton, United Kingdom


Gender: Bro | Paw: Mini Doggo | Power Talent: Face-Fulla-Food 

You know the old saying, schmitt happens. But when it happens to this miniature pooch, it’s snaffling up the likes of nearly 100k followers. When he’s not pulling his signature face-in-food pose, you’ll find this fella swagging around Newcastle dressed to the nines.

Believing one can never be too fancy, Schmitty loves to get dapper. Whether it’s a rah rah rugby shirt, delectable double denim or a pick from his finest bandana collection, this pooch knows how to charm a tail wag out of anyone.

An avid selfie-taker, Schmitt knows how to work the camera, and manages to strike the ultimate pose in any situation.

If you want Schmitt to happen to, why not give us a bark.