Puffy Ginger Girl

Profile Information

  • Talent Type:   Cats
  • Talent:   Puffy Ginger Girl
  • Power Talent:   Ginger Advocacy
  • Location:   Auckland, New Zealand


Gender: Female | Paw: Cat | Power Talent: Ginger Advocacy

Thirteen years old and still glowing, Puffy Ginger Girl lives in Auckland, NZ with her creative meowmie. A true catnip connoisseur, Puffy has established herself as a seasoned model of her meowmie’s knitted ‘poopy’ creations – her pose of choice being a cute ‘n’ sassy tongue out. So classic – you’ll find her golden glow splattered all over the hashtag #catswiththeirtonguesout.

Puffy believes redhead cats were under-represented  – until now. Scoring some serious attention on Instagram, PGG is proving that orange really is the new black, and feels more comfortable in her own fur than ever.

You’ll find Puffy soaking up the sun, topping up her ginger glow, and chowing down on fresh produce – she’s all about that #eatclean life. Corn and carrots are her weapons of choice.

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