Hana and Gnocchi

Profile Information

  • Talent Type:   Dogs
  • Talent:   Hana and Gnocchi
  • Power Talent:   High Achiever
  • Location:   Melbourne, Victoria


Gender: Female | Paw: Fluffy | Power Talent: High-Achiever

They say good things come in small packages, which is lucky for teeny-tiny Hana and Gnocchi. These little girls are culturally sophisticated, receiving the highest level of dog obedience training with flying colours.

With more than thousands of  followers on Instagram, and regular appearances on their feline fur-siblings account @shirochobi, this pawer duo have more people falling in love with their adorableness each and every day.

But don’t think they’re all looks and no smarts, the sisters are frequently snapped teaching their feline fur-siblings, Shiro and Chobi, the tricks of the trade, proving that dog training obedience isn’t just for canine creatures.

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