Frankie the Lil Sausage

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Gender: Female | Paw: Dog | Power Talent: Fur-Model

This little ween is kind of a big deal, and by big deal, we mean she lands them. Frankie the Lil Sausage knows a thing or two about #sponsoredpost, having worked with some of the world’s biggest brands including; Walt Disney, Foxtel, Samsung, Optus and Kelloggs.

With her Instagram following, Frankie is a #furfave in the doggo world with media appearances across Sunrise and Woman’s Day, and even pawsed for a snap for Aussie Vogue, yup – VOGUE!

But don’t think this fur-model is all work and no play; part-time model, full-time party girl Frankie is regularly snapped by pupparazzi (AKA human-mama) saying bone appawtite to a feast, skinny dipping at the beach, and hitting up the hot spots in town.

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