Dante Duke

Profile Information

  • Talent Type:   Cats
  • Talent:   Dante Duke
  • Power Talent:   Duke of London
  • Location:   London, United Kingdom


Gender: Bro | Paw: Cat | Power Talent: Duke of London

Straighten your Bow Ties and fix your frocks because you are looking at Royalty! Instagram Royalty that is. Dante Duke is one cool cat that you probably want to impress and with a whopping 50 thousand Instagram peasants…opps, we mean followers, he’s one to watch.

Dante lives in London and explores the streetz whenever he can, where you see a footpath, he sees a catwalk! This pawfessional is know for his purrrfect pictures and eyes that look right into your soul. He really is London’s Next Top Meowdel.

If Dante looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen him on TV. When you’re basically the Leonardo DiCaprio of the cat world, you’re pretty much destined to be on the big screen! But don’t worry, it hasn’t gone to his head. Dante is still very humble and does things us normal folk do like catching the train.

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