Bailey the Labradoodle

Profile Information

  • Talent Type:   Dogs
  • Talent:   Bailey the Labradoodle
  • Power Talent:   Obedient Actress
  • Location:   Melbourne, Victoria


Gender: Female | Paw: Dog | Power Talent: Obedient Actress

Hollywood? More like Doggywood! Bailey the Labradoodle was the teacher’s pet of dog training (not quiiitte literally) mastering the art of advanced obedience without lifting a paw, she quickly found her paw-sion for trick training.

Following in the paw-steps of her fav-fur-rite Aussie gal, Margot Robbie, Bailey is ready to bring her acting career to the next level, switch on the sass, and shake up her stylish poodle locks on the red carpet.

Fur-get your standard photoshoot, Bailey is aiming for the hills using her social platforms to spread pawsitivity and show off her skills through short and long-form video content  – Lassie has got nothing on her!

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