Two Dulux Dogs

Profile Information

  • Talent Type:   Dogs
  • Talent:   Two Dulux Dogs
  • Power Talent:   Design Duo
  • Location:   Sydney, NSW


Gender: Male | Paw: Dog | Power Talent: Design Duo

This design duo combine all you love about interiors and four-legged furry friends, proving no house is a home without a dog. Two Dulux Dogs may not officially be the pupperinos you see when you go to pick out a paint swatch, but they sure do have a remarkable resemblance to the Old English Sheepdogs.

With a modest few (tens of thousands) Instagram fans, and striking pawtography capturing both the picture-pawfect shaggy pups and the beautiful interiors of their stunning (dog) house, Two Dulux Dogs look as though they’ve jumped right out of a Vogue Living magazine.

From gorgeous good looks, to the luxe interiors and design, these fur-faves will have you barking for more time and time again.

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