Pumpernickel H & Papadum B

Profile Information

  • Talent Type:   Dogs
  • Talent:   Pumpernickel Jellyjiggle
  • Power Talent:   Adorabull
  • Location:   Melbourne, Victoria
  • Website:   https://lifeofpikelet.com/


Gender: Lil Bro | Paw: Pup | Power Talent: Adorabull

Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your nose like Pumpernickel? Pumpernickel Jellyjiggle and Papadum Bumbleberry are bros to the #fostergoals family, @lifeofpikelet.

With nearly 10 thousand adoring Instagram fans, and a cuteness factor to boot, Pumpernickel and Papadum will have more people falling in love with their unique features than Petey had in The Little Rascals.

But don’t think these heart-throbs are all play and no work. Just like big bro Pikelet, Pumpernickel and Papadum are using their fur-fame and (un)official ambassadogship to spread the bark on #rescuelife and #adoptdontshop.

If you’d like to boop these snoots, why not contact us.