Profile Information

  • Talent Type:   Dogs
  • Talent:   Pollywaffle
  • Power Talent:   Deaf and Daring
  • Location:   Sydney, NSW


Gender: Female | Paw: Dawg | Power Talent: Deaf and Daring

When life gives you lemons; grab the tequila and throw a pawty! Polly Waffles World is the deaf rescue-pup making noise (pun totally intended) nationwide that a special-needs pup is just as cool (if not, cooler!) than your regular dawggie.

With tens of thousands of instagram fans, and a foster-sibling to fur-fave, @lifeofpikelet, Polly Waffle (or P-Dawg as she likes to be called) is building her entourage faster than Mark Wahlberg can write a show about it.

But don’t think it stops there, P-Dawg, along with Potato Snow aka @tatertotsworld and her two home dawgs, are barking together to show the world just how pawsome having a rescue dog – better yet, a deaf one, can be!

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