Patrick Catson

Profile Information

  • Talent Type:   Cats
  • Talent:   Patrick and Norma
  • Power Talent:   Spots in all the right places
  • Location:   London, United Kingdom
  • Website:


Gender: Bro and Sis | Paw: Cool Cat | Power Talent: Spots in all the right places

Is that a leopard? Is that an ombré eyeshadow palette? Nope, it’s Bengal-Abyssinian duo Patrick and Norma! Housed on the one Instagram account @patrickcatson, this rare pair enjoy slinking around extracting ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from passers by – they’re a striking double act indeed.

Both professional meowdels, Patrick and Norma didn’t get off to the best of starts. When Norma was introduced to the fur family, owner Amy got to know the real meaning of the term ‘cat fight’ – meow. Now living in purrrfect multi-breed harmony, these sassy sirens maintain their lean physiques by doing laps of the home and chin ups on the couch when their owner isn’t looking.

Spreading the word about rarer breeds of kitty, these diamonds in the rough are all about embracing their differences and stepping into the light.

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