Mr Fetching

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Gender: Male | Paw: Dog | Power Talent: Humorous Fur-Model 

You know what they say; If you want to make a name for yourself you’ve got to stand out from the crowd. Mr Fetching, formerly named Max, is an energetic cross-breed who was born without a tail… and with a few extra colourings than his black and white fur-siblings.

With a massive following on Instagram, and appearances on some of Australia’s largest media networks (cough, Nine News) Mr Fetching is building his fur-fame faster than the next Margot Robbie – even having fans fly cross-country to meet him!

When Max isn’t being a fur-model f or pawsing for the covers of Gold Coast Bulletin’s Eye and Pawsmopolitan Magazines, he’s sharing hilariously-staged photos with witty captions from his growing social accounts.

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